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Executive Coaching Enterprises:

Executive Coaching Enterprises

Executive Coaching Enterprises enhances performance and transforms lives by strengthening inner championship level self confidence necessary for a successful and happy existence for us all. Whether it is a child, a worker, a teacher, adminstrator or executive, we can introduce higher and more effective levels of achievement. It is the coaching method and discipline that makes the difference in our results from other programs.


We do not simply strive for some improvement, we seek to utterly shatter previous levels of seemingly fixed limitations. Positive behavior, self motivation, inner inspiration, academic achievement, effectiveness, or increased productivity are all byproducts of a strong sense of self and purpose, self-confidence, and social acceptance that forever change the life trajectories of the young children we serve. We focus primarliy on children in depressed communities, often in urban settings, but our results are universal, as our program is based on sound principles we all need.


Who we are

We know that the children we serve have tremendous potential to excel. They are champions. It's all about projecting success through organized and discipline love; the coaching method.  These same children attached with a stigma of under-achievement, often excel to the highest heights of the sports world. Why is that? We know that it is a coaching connection with the mind and heart of that child and a proven process of guiding them through small successes that ignite a fire within that hungers for achievment and the rewards it brings.


We also know that research shows that a lack of learning opportunities outside of school, particularly a lack of summer learning opportunities, causes up to 2/3 of the academic achievement gap between children from low-income communities and their higher-income peers. Hence, we help schools and communities employ truly effective ways to expand quality learning time.  By actually entering the neighborhoods where the children live, empowering parents, enlisting community leaders, we gain the support of the community and the attention of the children. Once accomplished, we redefine the students attitude and perspective about learning, school, their status of achievement and fun, so that we can elevate their own expectations and beliefs in their own capabilities. They become a new person!


Our programs employ four key methods to improve challenged schools: coaching & support, T.E.A.M.S. (technology, engineering, arts & athletics, mathematics, and science), parent empowerment, and academic overtime. We maintain strong partnerships with schools and deliver incapsulated academic instruction, mentorship, innovative enrichment activities, and community engagement.  Our student champion scholars experience success, gain critical self-confidence, and become more prepared to succeed in the classroom and life.  The parents and family unit become more engaged in establishing strong principles to support traditions of lifelong education.  The cumulative effect of our methods leads to improved school attendance, higher grades and test scores, and increased graduation rates.

"As a company, we strive to service our clients with the greatest degree of integrity, professionalism, and quality. We believe in better education for our children and excellent leadership in the boardroom.


It is through innovation, talent, hard work, and exceptional values that we will uplift our economy and our country.


Executive Coaching Enterprises is part of the new thrust of America. The vision needed to make our country great once more. Through our humble efforts, we will help you achieve your organization's, your school district's, or your company's highest ideals.


We offer dependable services with exceptional results and standards!"