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Executive Coaching Enterprises:

Executive Coaching Enterprises (ECE) specializes in learning solutions that get results. We merge strategies used in the field of coaching and athletics with the best educational practices.  We go the distance with our school or district partners to produce results and change outcomes. Through our “Coaching Clinics” we coach school administrators and teachers using key coaching principles to drive change in the behaviors of teacher and administrators. These principles aid in drastically improving student achievement, establishing a culture focused on continuous improvement and building a positive climate. Clinics are facilitated by a cadre of highly successful, experienced principals, executives, and head coaches.


We work with you to implement a rigorous program for improving classroom practice, based on the specific contextual needs of your school.Working collaboratively, the principal and his or her team develop a comprehensive school turnaround plan that focuses on raising student achievement levels. The program operates with a whole school approach, combining leadership development, curriculum improvements and a professional development system to target all components of the learning process. The premise of the Coaching Clinics, are to prepare and support leaders and educators in accelerating student learning and academic growth.  Participants receive job-embedded training with explicit feedback and follow-up.   Each morning during the camp participates in a coaching clinic with follow-up and feedback throughout the day.

Coaching & Support