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Executive Coaching Enterprises:

Leadership Academy

Our leadership academy is devoted to the professional development of Administrators and Executive management. The skills and nuanced expertise necessary to identify, select, create, build, and operate a successful team are valued greater than platinum, and when executed successfully appear to be like magic to all observers. For this reason, many believe this process to be easy, as the expertise of those performing this feat appear to be effortless.


If you have an administrative team, or you have a managerial team that you need to activate in such a way as to achieve optimal performance, Executive Coaching is the company for you. We have former and sitting CEOs, head agency and administrative superintendents, as well as prior military officers, and coaching giants on our list of Leadership Academy instructors.


Our leadership academy is not for your mid-level management or teaching staff, it is for your executive team or perhaps even yourself. We seek to develop exemplery skills rich in knowledge, good judgement, and consstent execution to help achieve optimal performance from our leadership participants. Our leadership academy will help your leadership skills make a quantam leap to the next level of performance, productivity, and effectiveness.  We are here to make your organization the best.

Develop Key Leadership Skills to Transform Your School or Business

ECE's Leadership Academy is designed to equip front-line executives and administrators with higher-order skills. The training program consists of multiple classroom sessions over varying durations, providing participants with a framework to understand and learn the suite of skills needed to be successful in their prospective fields. Our Leadership Academy helps participants understand the key drivers of executive effectiveness. We help clients to clearly identify developmental areas in  their organizations, and to establish improvement plans for more effective leadership of their teams, which will ultimately lead to increased revenues or performance.