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Executive Coaching Enterprises:

Parent Empowerment

The Parent and Student Success workshop developed around seven subject area strands, which are listed below along with a brief sampling of relevant course offerings:

1. Help Your Child Learn (Example: PASSport to Success –  modules)

2. Parenting Skills (Example: Positive Discipline)

3. Early Childhood (Example: Developing Early Literacy Skills)

4. Arts & Culture (Example: Parent Field Trip, Parent Student Outings)

5. Health and Wellness (Example: Preventing Substance Abuse)

6. Financial Skills (Example: Managing your Budget, Financing Your Child’s College Education)

7. Personal Growth (Example: Job skills, Anger Management, Social Skills)

Through our “Parent Empowerment workshop” we coach parents using key coaching principles to drive change in students and parents; the family. This principle drastically improves student achievement, establishing a culture focused on continuous improvement and building a positive climate between school and home.


The Parent Empowerment element of the program will serve as the comprehensive system for family and community engagement to provide families with the training, information, and support needed to help them become full partners in education.  

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