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Executive Coaching Enterprises:

Our Solutions

Coaching & Support

The greatest catalyst for positive school transformation and culture in any school is a strong and connected school staff. We coach school administrators and teachers through specific fundamental principles to aid in drastically improving student achievement, closing the achievement gap and establishing a culture focused on continuous improvement.  Our coaching clinics are taught by a cadre of highly successful experienced principals, business executives, and skilled head coaches who have lead successful schools, businesses and athletic teams.


Parent Empowerment

Through our “Parent Empowerment Program” we coach parents using key coaching principles to drive change in students and parents; the family. This principle drastically improves student achievement, establishing a culture focused on continuous improvement and building a positive climate between school and home.  Research has shown that when parents are involved with their child’s education regardless of their income or background, students are more likely to:


Get higher grades and test scores

Have a better attendance rate

Complete more homework

Have fewer placements in special education

Have positive attitudes and behavior

Graduate from high school

Enroll in post-secondary education

Academic Overtime

Our students participate in a wide variety of instructional activities which help students become well-rounded individuals. Executive Coaching strives to create determined, passionate, enthusiastic, inspired, and motivated schools.


Students’ participation in our camp programs will better prepare them for the upcoming school year and prevent or reduce the effects of summer loss.  Our yearlong programs reinforce skills and focus on filling gaps.  In each of our programs, students engage in relevant literacy and mathematic experiences through our Oh! Destiny™ literacy and our Banking on my Future™ mathematics curriculums.

Our curriculum exposes students to an extensive array of mini-courses designed to address a school or district STEM initiatives.  Our T.E.A.M.S. program incorporates innovative strategies to address the growing need for more emphasis on mathematics and science. The T.E.A.M.S. acronym, stands for technology, engineering, arts, athletics, mathematics, and science.


Our T.E.A.M.S. Solution is not only technology, engineering, mathematics and science, but also completed by ready to go units that integrate the arts and athletics systemically. Students must be well-rounded and challenged with real-world problems. The coaching methods utilized by Executive Coaching ensures that students learn real-world solutions with a high proficiency. With T.E.A.M.S. we increase students’ exposure to thinking at the highest levels.


Our curriculum encourages students to work as collaborative learners, to dissect information, formulate thoughts, debate findings, and create projects to represent learning. Each course is aligned to the Common Core Standards and effectively challenges student thinking.